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Kit for PCB v2.4.2 (from 4ms Pedals)

  • LEDs: The Bypass LED is located next to the 1k resistors by the Bypass wiring section. The long lead of the LED goes in the square hole. The LED that shines on the photocell is mounted directly to the PCB. The long lead of the LED goes in the hole closest to the TL072 chip (on the left if you’re holding the board so you can read the words). Bend this LED over so it points at the CdS (photocell), which should be mounted so its face is perpendicular to the PCB. одежда для полных женщин москва

Kit for PCB v2.4.1 (from 4ms Pedals)

Dual LFO Tremulus

  • Uses a Panneur PCB for a mono-in, mono-out tremulus with a second LFO to modulate speed of main LFO

Point-to-Point board (DIY),_Wisconsin#Notable_people

QUESTION: Is better to use a anti-log pot for lfo frequency??? the standard pot gives a log frequency sweep...

ANSWER: Yes, if you can find an anti-log pot, that’s ideal. Using a log pot and wiring it “backwards” (pins 1&2 instead of 2&3) will give you a nice range, although it’ll be faster-CCW, slower-CW

By “Frequency” you mean “speed,” correct? As labeled on the schematic (there is no frequency pot.) That seems most logical but I’m unclear about what “spacing” does. So Spacing = Frequency? or Speed = Frequency? Thanks

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