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Two-Speed mod

For Tremulus Lune, Panneur, Phaseur, and other LFO-based effects

One SPDT stompswitch chooses between two preset speeds.

Add one potentiometer for the new speed control. Disconnect the fine 2 end of the wire which runs between fine 2 and the board, and reconnect that end to the center post of the SPDT. Now, install a new wire from fine 2 to one of the outer posts of the SPDT. Next, install a wire from new speed 1 to the remaining post on the SPDT. Finally, install a wire from new speed 2 to speed 2. (Speed 2 will now have two wires; one going to the board, the other going to new speed 2.)

Diagram soon.

[Edit] You has SPST down, I changed it so SPDT for you

Thanks. -doug

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