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  • Steel boxes: before drilling a knock-out, braze or JB-weld it
    • Weld/braze or JB weld on the inside. Don’t worry about this if you’ve got an aluminum box.
  • Tight pots and tight knobs last
    • Drill anti-rotation holes.
    • Twist the knobs hard, try to twist them off.
    • If the knob budges tighten it!
    • If the the pot budges when you turn it, then the anti-rotation holes are missing, or not being used right.
    • Replace the pot if the threads look bad (stripped is when the nut goes loose suddenly when you’re tightening it)
  • LEDs that stay in their clip will shine for a long time...
    • Make sure they’re wedged in the clip tightly, and the leads aren’t in danger of sorting out to the box or the clip
  • Is it labelled or is it art...?
    • if it’s not labelled, include a printed card with the drill layout of the pedal and words telling what’s what.
  • on every pedal (no matter who made it), so they know where to find us years later
    • Don’t write 4ms Pedals unless you work for 4ms!
    • Make sure to put the name of the model (Noise Swash, Tremulus Lune, etc..)
  • Secure the board!
    • Use the glue-on mounting posts
  • Make a place for the battery
    • If the pedal uses a battery, check the battery holder is screwed to the box with at least two screws, and put a battery in there to make sure one really will fit!
  • The underside needs feet
  • Try it
    • Tighten the cover plate screws and plug it in.
    • Turn each knob all the way up, all the way down and listen.
    • Playing it should make sense, and not be confusing.
    • Give it a shake or a thump and listen to it more.
    • Get familiar with the pedal’s sound, especially for pedals with mods.
    • Make sure you like it!

It’s finished!

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