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Bend Matrix Code


  1. Download one of the SYSEX files below
  2. Connect MIDI IN and MIDI OUT from your computer to the Bend Matrix (run from Bend Matrix MIDI-IN to the computer MIDI-OUT, and computer MIDI-IN to Bend Matrix MIDI-OUT)
  3. Download and install MIDI-OX here:
  4. Run MIDI-OX and set it up as follows
    1. Options menu: check “Pass Sysex”
    2. View menu: select “Sysex...” to open the Sysex window
    3. In the window that opens, select “Configure...” from the Sysex menu.
    4. Type in the following values:
      • Low Level input buffers: Size: 256 Bytes, Num: 16
      • Low Level output buffers: Size: 256 Bytes, Num: 16
      • Delay: 120 ms between buffers
      • [checked] Delay after F7: 120 milliseconds
      • The rest of the options don’t matter. It’s safe to leave them unchecked.
    5. From the “Command Window” menu, select “Load File...” and find the .syx file you downloaded in step 1.
  5. Now MIDI-OX is ready, but we have to get the Bend Matrix ready before we can do the upgrade. Unplug the Bend Matrix, and hold down CLEAR while you plug it back in. The display should read three dashes, and the sequence buttons will be lit up in a pattern. Now everything’s ready!
  6. Go back to MIDI-OX and select “Send/Receive Sysex” from the “Command Window” menu.
  7. The Bend Matrix display should animate, and the button matrix will fill up as the code is transferred. It takes a minute or two, so be patient.
  8. When it’s done, all the buttons on the Bend Matrix will be lit, and MIDI-OX will say something like “1426 bytes received”.
  9. Any problems with this procedure, please email me!!!

OK, here are the SYSEX files

  • Release 2010-04-20:
    • Contains four versions, each with a .hex file (for ISP programming) and .syx file (for bootloader programming)
    • Moment Mode: a switch to ground on pin PA2 (pin 38 on the MCU) selects “tap” or “latch” mode for the button matrix
    • Triggers: an extra 74HC165 off the EXPAND header pin reads three trigger inputs. Don’t use this code unless you have the ‘165 chip installed!
    • AVR-GCC code (avrstudio4 project):
  • Release 2009-03-20 “JD”: wiki:bendmatrix2:code:jd:jd.syx
    • MIDI Notes 48-79
    • MIDI CC#s 21, 22, 24, 25
    • Trigger jacks: disabled
    • Tap/latch switch: enabled
    • Send/Receive MIDI CC#s with Notes: CC# = ((Note# - 48) * 4)


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