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  • You should have a box with the hardware mounted on it, and a board
  • Take long pieces of single wire, twisted-pair wire, and twisted-triplet wire
    • Use different colors for each wire in the pair/triplet.
  • Wire the box up first: run all wires that go from stomp-to-pot, stomp-to-jack, pot-to-pot, etc (any wire that doesn’t go to the board). Use the diagram, usually it’s on the same page as the board cut-outs.
  • Put the box upside down and hold the board just below the box, outside of the box. (when we’re done, we’ll flip the board like a notepad page turning into the box). You can use handy-clips or a piece of 2×4 wood to hold the board in that position.
  • Start with one piece of hardware (pot, switch, jack, or LED). Estimate the length of wire needed to go from it to the board, and cut that length off (use the single, double, or triple wires depending on if this pot/jack/etc has 1,2, or 3 wires going to it)
  • Strip the wire(s), 1/8” on the end going to the hardware, 1/4” on the end going to the board.
  • Solder the wire(s) to the board and hardware.
  • Repeat for all hardware
  • Wrap heat-shrink tubing or electrical tape around any exposed wire: LEDs typically need tape since their leads stick up in the open.
  • Hint: pick a number for each color wire, and stick with that. For example, white is 1, blue is 2, and red is 3. So every pot gets a white wire going to pin 1, blue to pin 2, and red to pin 3.
  • Note: for the pc-mount pots (the pots with the really long leads), solder the wire to the lead, not to the little hole. The reason is that the heat of the soldering iron will fry the pot if you get too close to the carbon element.

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