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Panneur mounting

Stock (no Aux-LFO-to-add mod):
100k(lin) L-Speed
1k(lin) L-Depth
500k(lin) L-Smoothness
500k(lin) L-Spacing
100k(lin) L-Gain
100k(lin) R-Speed
1k(lin) R-Depth
500k(lin) R-Smoothness
500k(lin) R-Spacing
100k(lin) R-Gain
SPDT flip switch Sync
SPDT flip switch Trem/pan
3PDT stomp Bypass
Any color LED L-LFO
Any color LED R-LFO
Stereo Jack with 2 switches R-in
Any metal jack L-in, L-out, R-out
Powersupply barrel plug jack

Aux-LFO-to-add mod:
All parts are the same as above except change 2 pots:
100k(lin) L-Speed
100k(lin) L-Depth
Add the following:
100k(lin) Aux Speed
100k(lin) Aux Depth
Any color LED Aux LFO

Aux LFO-to-modulate mod:
Change L-Speed to 100k(lin)
1k(lin) Aux LFO-to-modulate Depth
10k(lin) Aux LFO-to-modulate Speed
Any color LED Aux LFO-to-modulate

Other mods:
DPDT stomp Rate doubler stomp
SPDT flip Rate doubler flip
DPDT flip Ramp-up sawtooth

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