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Panneur Mods Parts

1 x 100uF 
1 x 3PDT stomp

1 x DPDT flip switch
1 x 220k resistor
1 x Si diode (1N4001 or equiv.)

1 x 100k pot (or 10k pot)
1 x knob cover
---the 100k trim pot that's part of the stock kit is not needed

1 x 500k linear pot
1 x knob cover
2 x Si diode (1N4001 or equiv.)

AUX LFO (to modulate the main)
1 x 1k linear pot
1 x 100k linear pot
2 x knob covers
1 x CdS cell (<1k dark, >100k light)
1 x Rect LED
7 x 1k resistor
2 x 220k resistor
2 x 470k resistor
1 x 0.01uF (103) cap
1 x 100uF cap
1 x 4558 op-amp IC
1 x 8-pin IC socket
1 x round LED
1 x LED clip
1 x 10uF cap (to replace 100uF on main board)
1 x 100k pot (to replace main 10k speed pot)
1 x 2k7 (to replace 100ohm on main board)
If there's a fine tuning pot: 1 x 10k pot (replaces the main fine tuning 1k pot)
If there's rate doubler: 1 x 10uF  (to replace the 100uF)

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