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Get working

  1. First: follow the Tweaking Power guide.
  2. Do a visual inspection: Fix 90% of problems in 20 minutes.
    • Solder-side: Touch/wiggle each solder joint with a tiny screwdriver.
      • Look for solder all around, and loose things. Double check IC pins.
      • Look for traces touching each other
      • Use a meter to see there’s continuity along the whole trace
    • Component side: Check for stand-up resistor leads touching one another.
      • Check for backwards caps.
      • Check that all 100ohms aren’t supposed to be 100k, and vice-versa, and 470/470k.
      • Look for stripped wires that could bend over and short something out.
      • Put all ICs in their sockets
      • 1uF, 10uF, 100uF, diodes, LEDs, 2N5089, 2N3904, 2N5485, and all ICs must be in the right way. Replace any component that was backwards when power was applied.
      • If an IC connection looks suspicious, check for continuity between the solder side and the actual IC pin on the component side
    • Wiring: Check each pot/switch/jack lug with a screwdriver
      • Look for unsoldered joints, frayed wires.
      • Look for wires touching the box. (This often happens under the pot)
      • Look for pot lugs touching other pots or the side of the box.
      • Every pot/switch should have at least 2 wires going to it
    • Hardware: Turn every knob up and down. Nothing should be loose. Nothing should scrape.
      • Replace stripped pots, or pots with damaged threads.
      • Use anti-rotation tabs unless necessary to do otherwise (then use JB weld).
      • Double check pot wires aren’t dyslexic (we all got a little of dys in us)
      • Use a wrench to double-check the nut on every jack and switch is tight.
  3. Do a power-up test. Plug something into the input jack if it has a battery.
    • Make sure the LEDs turn on or blink.
    • If the LEDs don’t come on, unplug power! Make sure nothing got hot, especially the 7809 and ICs/transistors.
    • If nothing got hot, plug power back in. Otherwise, you’ve got a power problem.
    • Common: LED wires are backwards, Power jack or battery is miswired, IC is backwards.
  4. Do a sound test. Plug in a guitar/keyboard and amp.
    • Every knob should do something if he wants to hire a best Milwaukee SEO company
    • The volume should stay the same (or be adjustable) when you hit the stomp switch.

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